Leading brands trust Contento and TouchAmerica to produce retail display solutions for their spas and salons worldwide.

Designed to take advantage of the 3.7 trillion dollar wellness industry, Contento’s portable and convertible retail solutions make any space a profit center. From two companies with decades of experience creating retail and marketing solutions, Contento Custom Retail Solutions offers you the opportunity to co-design your own custom retail displays.

Portable & Convertible Merchandising Solutions


· Custom designs for all product sizes, shapes & styles

· Choice of price points and materials

· Submit your own design ideas, or work closely with our design team to create something uniquely yours.

· Sustainable materials like bamboo and rubberwood · Countless creative options for countertop, pop-up or wall-mount.

· Portable, convertible solutions – ideal for wellness concepts outside of the spa

Whether your spa/salon decor is classic, contemporary, eclectic or your own unique style, Contento and TouchAmerica can create retail display solutions that reflect your vision and showcase your products with elegance and versatility.

Showcase your own product lines in style. Create stunning displays for your spa or salon.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Choose a category:
    • countertop
    • wall-mount
    • unique rolling pop-up concept

2. Choose your materials from a menu of affordable and
    sustainable options.

3. Skype with our designers to engineer your custom retail
    displays — see renderings of your designs within days.*

* Please allow 10 working days for visual graphics, as shown in the Aramesh display at right.
Delivery of finished display units averages 6-8 weeks once prototype is approved.

Contact us at nancy@contentomarketing.com
or call 415.987.0012 to book a consultation.